Web design, seo, email marketing, social media and more!

Web design, seo, email marketing,
social media and more!

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Perfectly adapted websites and shops!

Statistically, young adults and adults reach for their smartphones every seven minutes. On average, they stay online for at least three hours. They communicate, search for service providers, suppliers, products and much more. While surfing, they repeatedly come across websites that were not created in responsive design. This surfing on such pages always turns out to be tedious. Zooming in, swiping from left to right and back again. This usually leads to only one action, leaving such a page.

Do not let this happen. Hire us as a problem solver for your online presence. Professional websites, which can be optimally displayed on all end devices, ensure higher communication, more sales and increased awareness.

Strong in all areas!

Responsive design 100%
Marketing optimised 98%
Seo 98%
DSGVO compliant 99%
Usability 99%
Operability 99%

Customer reviews of the advertising agency defence

This is what our customers say about the products, services and advisory activities:

Google Bewertungen

Werbeagentur defence

5.0 3 reviews

  • martin Scheen ★★★★★ vor 4 Jahren
    Ich bin schon mehrmals auf die Nase gefallen mit Werbeagenturen. Aber diese hat mir sehr geholfen. Die Kunden kommen wieder und der Umsatz steigt. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und freue mich auf eine weitere gute Zusammenarbeit.
  • Atw Essen ★★★★★ vor 3 Jahren
    Habe den Shop mal ausprobiert und bin begeistert. Ich finde es klasse das man die Flyer, Visitenkarten und alles andere auch selber in druck geben kann. jedoch ist die komplette Abwicklung über die Agentur sehr viel einfacher und angenehmer. Bestelle … More bald wieder!
  • Dominik Grütter ★★★★★ vor 4 Jahren
    So wie er selber sagt: Preiswert, fair, gut und zuverlässig. Ein Dienstleister auf dem man sich verlassen kann.

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Content Management System / CMS Consulting

Werbeagentur defence - Online-Produkt-Content Management Systeme
There are over 200 content management systems. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. Which CMS is best for you depends entirely on the desired purpose and the associated requirements. Talk to us. We will be happy to advise you without obligation.

Web design - professional and optimised

A professional web design can be optimally displayed on any end device. Not only do you benefit from such a responsive design, but also from a professional web design:

Onepage - and landing page consulting / optimisation

A Onepage is a website that consists of a single page. It concentrates only on the essentials – attention – products – services.
The individual areas are usually separated by image elements, which are reached either by scrolling or by corresponding jump marks in the navigation.

Contact us, it is better to do this sooner than to incur unnecessary costs.

If you have or are planning such a Onepage, we will be happy to help you as a service provider.

Sales-promoting, target-oriented landing pages

You notice that a product or service does not bring in what you had hoped for. Then take countermeasures in good time. Use targeted landing pages as marketing solutions. Such a landing page promotes the product or service directly. In this way, it is possible to influence many simple actions such as buying, contacting and the like.

If you would like to learn more about landing pages, you should order our landing page consulting package now.

Increase sales through email marketing

The term email marketing refers to a form of direct marketing in the online sector.

Communicate information about new products, promotions and developments of your company to your customers. Profit by deepening the loyalty of your existing customers. Attract new customers who are ready to buy with targeted advertising messages.

Email marketing – getting the right advice

Our consulting package includes many important points such as

and much more!!!

Search Engine Optimisation / SEO

Don’t let Google overtake you. It’s best to commission a review of your website or shop right away.

Success optimisation through Seo (search engine optimisation).

A website that is not or only poorly found on Google should be technically checked for SEO. Search engine optimisation is comparable to a gearbox. Here, the most diverse elements interlock and move the website forward. Since the competition is not exactly idle either, search engine optimisation should be carried out at regular intervals.

This is what an SEO check looks like with us

  • The website is checked for weaknesses and errors
  • Improvements are suggested according to priorities
  • The website is checked again after the errors and weak points have been corrected.

Do you have questions or are you interested in search engine optimisation?

Contact us or commission us to check your online presence right now.


Social Media - Consulting

Set up, optimise & maintenance

Harness the power of social media. For example, publish reports, offers or company successes. Make sure there are enough links and direct them to your online presence.

So if you are interested in social media marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will not only advise you on setting up, optimising and maintaining it. You will also receive useful assistance in the selection, publication and more.


Answers to questions already asked

You can find more questions and answers here!

Are your websites and shops also tested for responsive design?

Of course, that’s already part of it by default. Just because Google has changed the first index to mobile display, it would be unthinkable for us to ignore it.

What is usability?

Usability stands for the usability of websites and shops. The easier and faster a visitor reaches his destination, the friendlier the online presence. This in turn means that your web application will rank better in organic search.

Can we arrange regular SEO maintenance with you?

Regular SEO maintenance makes sense in any case and we will be happy to check this at certain intervals after consultation with you.