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Basic questions about the company

Yes, because all requested projects are compiled in a detailed offer before the order is placed and confirmed after the order is placed.

Hidden costs are therefore excluded and additional demands are only made if there are deviations from the original order. However, these will be discussed and agreed with you in good time.

After the offer has been prepared and the order has been confirmed, a deposit is due for new customers and for larger projects.

If additional services are required, this will be offered to you in terms of costs before implementation.

Very much so. The agency awards a commission of up to 10% of the order value. This commission will be offset against your next order as soon as the order of the client you recommended is completed. A payout is not possible.

You receive a lifelong right of use for all data after settlement / receipt of payment.

Yes, our existing and new customers are visited by the owner of this advertising agency throughout the Ruhr region. In this way, Mr Schweppe can also get a first impression of your company in advance. For larger projects, visits for meetings are also possible outside the Ruhr area.

Concepts and solutions

Due to the different complexities of the marketing concepts and wishes of our customers, it is always difficult to give a general indication. For this purpose, a free customer-oriented meeting is arranged beforehand in order to create a concept overview. The corresponding offer in terms of marketing concept / solutions will be sent to you in written form by e-mail a few days after the meeting.

In order to make a precise statement, a customer-oriented meeting must first take place. In this meeting, clarifying questions are asked and the corresponding scope is determined. Depending on the design, this can take at least a week.

This cannot be defined so simply. For this, a meeting must take place, preferably in your company. In this meeting we need to get to know your company and understand your customer structure, if necessary define it, in order to be able to make a target-oriented statement.

A corporate design is the outward appearance of your company. This includes the design of the means of communication, logo, slogan, but also the design of the business stationery and the website. The aim is to achieve a uniform and positive image of the company in public, as well as a high level of awareness of it. This is only achieved through strict guidelines, which must always be adhered to.



A logo consists at least of a word mark, such as the company name. Furthermore, this word mark can be extended by a graphic. This graphic, also known as a figurative mark, can also be used as a recurring element in other layouts in order to better characterise the company.

After completion of your logo, you should receive the following file types for print and web.

Print: EPS, AI, TIF

Print products

This cannot be defined so simply. Flyers, business cards, brochures and catalogues can be very extensive in a wide variety of formats and designs. The best thing is to send us a sample copy and we will calculate it.

We primarily require PDF files and the domain to your website. If available, we would be very pleased to receive a corporate design / identity.

Colour deviations can occur in print production. This is due to the colour tolerance of the individual printers, the printing methods (digital, offset, etc.), printing ink (Euroscale, special colour, etc.) and the product to be printed (paper, plastic, etc.).

Online products

For this, we only need the domail and the respective provider access data.

If you have a corporate design / identity, we will be happy to follow it.

It is difficult to make a statement here, as the different complexities of the websites and the wishes of our customers play a major role. The best thing is to send us your domain and we will calculate the corresponding price.

This depends on the complexity of the website. Furthermore, it depends on whether a general check or a search engine optimisation is desired. As a rule, you have to wait at least one week.

But of course, for this we should get together in a meeting and discuss this in detail. Afterwards, the agency will research for you and submit various proposals. We pay particular attention to search engine relevant designs, as well as similarity and denic relevant statements.

We, the defence advertising agency, are able to create legally compliant websites and social media profiles for you, provided that all the necessary information requested is supplied by you.

We are happy to help our customers choose the provider they need.

A responsive website automatically adapts to the characteristics of the respective end device, e.g. smartphone or tablet. This prevents constant scrolling and the enlargement or reduction of individual elements on your page.

This can have many different reasons, such as: Is the website registered, are there SEO relevant errors on the website etc.? As you have probably already guessed, it is not that easy to say exactly. We will gladly take on this problem and find a reliable solution for you.

Search engine optimisation will place your website as high as possible in the search engines. There are several ways to improve your ranking. For one thing, you should have registered your website, pay attention to the headlines and consider various other very relevant points.

We at the advertising agency defence are happy to help you with the search engine optimisation of your website. Just get in touch with us.

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With a content management system, also called a CMS, you can usually maintain the content on your website yourself without the help of a programmer.

This is the name given to social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.. These can be optimised with little effort so that you can operate your own company website via them.

Every browser, such as Firefox, Chrome and all others, has an internal cache. This cache is a so-called temporary storage for internet pages. Each time you visit an Internet page for the first time, some content is stored in a special folder on your hard disk. Thus, the browser accesses this content of the already known page on the next visit and thus needs less time to load. It is quite possible that the browser does not recognise changes on the website and therefore accesses outdated files. If this is the case, you must delete the browser cache.

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