DSGVO warning check – play it safe!

DSGVO warning check -

Play it safe.

Experience shows that about 8 out of 10 websites fail the DSGVO!

Could your website also be subject to a warning?

Protect your company from unpleasant sanctions. Show your customers that you take the protection of their personal data very seriously. In addition, it not only strengthens the business relationship, it also increases the external perception.

In our DSGVO warning check, you will receive a detailed list with associated recommendations for action according to all current laws known to us, as well as the existing guidelines. Here we list for you, in an easily understandable way, which areas need to be revised.

Safe is safe!

After handing over our DSGVO warning check, a further review of all negatively noticed points takes place 48 hours later. These will be listed in a short briefing and sent to you again.

The DSGVO warning check for all areas in detail:

For websites / shops


Who can commission the online

DSGVO review?

Website operators (private and business), bloggers, advertising agencies, lawyers and legal counsel, consulting agencies, warning companies and the like.

The Higher Regional Court has ruled and confirmed

That data protection violations against the DSGVO can be warned.

Data protection infringement = competition law infringement = warning letter

This equation has been confirmed almost universally in recent years. As a result, even minor violations of the GDPR can be subject to warnings from competitors and warning associations. Anyone who does not comply with the current guidelines or the GDPR has a competitive advantage over others who do comply with the current legal requirements.


Assess and minimise risks.

90% of warnings are based on the same mistakes!

Depending on the order placed, your marketing channels will be checked with regard to the most common grounds for warning known to me at present. You will receive the desired review result as quickly as possible, which will show you the risk potential of your marketing channels to be reviewed.

From the world of justice:

Warning due to missing and faulty data protection declaration

Demand from the lawyer:
Elimination of the infringements, submission of a cease-and-desist declaration and payment of the costs of the warning.

Your task:
Only submit the declaration of discontinuance after it has been checked, create or supplement the data protection page, only integrate data protection-compliant tools and plug-ins.

Warning due to faulty implementation of Google Analytics

Demand from lawyer:
Fix the lack of IP anonymisation, the lack of opt-out options and the lack of mention of Google Analytics in the privacy policy.

Your task:
Legally compliant Google Analytics implementation, add Google Analytics to the privacy page and update the cookie bar if necessary.

Warning due to existing Facebook like and share buttons

Demand from lawyer:
Removal of the buttons
The use of DSGVO-compliant tools.

Your task:
Troubleshooting as quickly as possible, for example with tools such as the Shariff plug-in or similar, which are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Become a VIP customer!!!

We say thank you for the cooperation.


Answers to questions already asked

You can find more questions and answers here!

Can you check my website before it goes online?

YES, provided it is installed on a subdomain for preview. You will then receive a list with the necessary information on where action is still required in order to reduce or avoid warnings and penalties.

Can you also create a valid imprint for my website?

Yes, we can. However, all the required information about the company must be provided by you in a flawless manner.

Can you also create a DSGVO-compliant data protection page for me?

We will create the desired data protection page for you in accordance with the laws and regulations known to us, provided that all the necessary or requested information is supplied by you.

How long does the DSGVO warning check for a website take?

Provided that all the necessary information is available, you will receive the DSGVO warning check within a few days. However, in order to give you an exact time estimate, we need an overview of your website to be checked.