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We are back online!!!

After a long back and forth, the internal environmental protection project, the extended range of offers and the design of our new website, we are now back online. You will be pleased to hear that you as a customer can make a VIP request. This will give you faster order processing with increased priority, a…
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For a better environment…

ours but also the next. We also make our contribution to environmental protection. In plain language, this means that we digitise all our correspondence, from notes, quotations and order confirmations to invoices. Furthermore, we offer online meetings, as we did during the Corona times. We will continue to visit our customers on site if requested,…
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Werbeagentur defence - Erfolgreich werben mit Landingpages

Advertise successfully with landing pages

A landing page is a specially designed web page that focuses on a product or service. Here, the visitor is informed about the offered topic without distraction and brought to engage in a conversation. With every successful landing page, characteristic points must be adhered to in order to not only score points with Google, but…
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Werbeagentur defence - Textilien, Bestickung

Textiles as advertising medium

Promote your company or service with stylish embroidery and prints on high-quality clothing and other textiles such as bib aprons, towels and more. Individualise your outfits and always be present. We accompany you from the preparation to the timely delivery.

Werbeagentur defence - Beitrag - Merchandising

Instruments of sales promotion – Merchandising

Merchandising products are communication measures and serve to increase sales. Free gifts, so-called give-aways, are ideal for supporting and promoting the sale of the actual goods. Activities at the point of sales (POS) would be an ideal measure to bind passers-by and future customers. But also the sending of business letters should not be disregarded,…
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Werbeagentur defence - defence News

Everyone knows them, the advertisements

You find them everywhere, in the waiting area at the doctor’s, in the reception area of companies, even in your own four walls. Some are inconspicuous, others concise and there are also those that shout out their advertising message. Placing the right ad in the right magazine is not particularly easy. The choice of magazine,…
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Werbeagentur defence - Rechtssicherheit im Web

Legal security on the web

You operate a website, shop or similar, perhaps you are planning to operate one of these platforms in the near future. The topic of the GDPR is not completely unknown to you, but you don’t really know what you have to consider in order to put your online presence online in a legally secure way.…
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Abstand halten


Keep your distance – we stick together! The agency is also there for you NOW! Pass it on…

Ihre Werbeagentur aus Witten - Downloadcenter

New the downloadcenter

Here in the download centre you will find agency documents, interesting facts as well as the agency’s general terms and conditions and privacy policy. Link: Yours, Jörg Schweppe (Owner) Spread the word on…

DSGVO Abmahncheck

Now it can get expensive – The new BGH ruling is here!

According to the latest decision of the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) of 28.05.2020, no cookies regarding analytics, advertising and market research may be set without consent in the future. Somit ist zum einem die Einwilligung durch das Weitersurfen, als auch durch ein einfaches Opt-Out unzulässig. Demzufolge dürfen nur noch Cookies ohne Einverständnis verwendet werden, die…
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